The Labyrinth of business App’s

What a world we live in today, we can have an app that can serve almost any service, internet banking, entertainment, messaging, fitness, betting, weather, sport schedules, music, can even monitor your menstrual cycle, the list is endless.

These days if you can come up with a new app idea that has not already been created then it can be a gold mine.

I thought I had came up with one the other day but nope there are at least 2 in the app store already.

But how can this help you run your business?

There are over 700 Xero business apps on the market today and growing. And just like the recreational apps there is not much they can’t do. Everything from payroll, POS systems, scheduling, workflow, inventory management, etc.

So how do you navigate your way through and find what is worth your time and money to integrating into your business life?

With so many options it is hard to work out what is going to suit you and your business.

Some of these apps will save you money if compared to the old software I saved a client $260 per month on subscription costs simply by switching one software.

You will no doubt save time by integrating to a new software if you are not already using one. Apps like Receipt bank and Hubdoc can save a heap of time in the process of bookkeeping and accounting.

Software like Timely can help you with staff scheduling, ServiceM8 are great for managing service/trade jobs.

Its not even enough to think about what is a problem that needs fixing in your business and look for a software that can help you fix it, as sometimes you don’t know something can be done faster and more efficiently unless you are told about it.

So where do you go to find out?

There is a site you can search it will take you some time to sift through it all even though they have been organised into types of functions and even business type. But even then there is a lot to look at.

You can always ask your Accountant & Bookkeeper if they are up to date with it. But there is a new Advisor called ‘App Advisors’ who can bring the best of the best for your industry to your attention.

Where can I find these App Advisors?………. Right here at Knoward.

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