Why upgrade to a cloud software?

There is not much that does not change over time, bookkeeping packages are no different.


Just because you have always done something, does not mean you always should.


Just like in any IT industry the bookkeeping and accounting world is moving at an accelerated speed.


Please let me introduce you to the modern business world, where paper is being replaced with cloud storage.


I am not an IT expert by any means just ask my IT guy, in fact I get embarrassed by my own questions sometimes.


But I do know a little about the modern small business and how life is getting easier/faster and information is now literally at your fingertips.


No more Ledger and Payroll books, software now does it all for you. Even the old software that you needed to upload and upgrade regularly is obsolete.

Offices are becoming smaller as there is little need for filing cabinets, draws full of forms, and shelves full of binders.

The good old server that cost a fortune and use to crash on a regular basis are now being shut down.

All because of geniuses and their obsession with modernising and enhancing our lives.


The old desktop bookkeeping software is now replaced by cloud-based software’s.

So how does this effect the small business owners?

Let me list some of the benefits:

  • For starters the software is easier to use, some of the software are aimed at the business owners and not an accountant or bookkeeper.
  • You also don’t need to hire someone to come to your office and sift through your paperwork anymore.
  • The entire process is quicker, accurate and information is at your disposal at any time anywhere.
  • You don’t need to keep invoices and receipts with the use of Receipt bank or Hubdoc reducing your office storage space significantly.
  • Employees’ wages and Entitlements being kept track of effortlessly.
  • Options of Pay Now links on your invoices making customer payments easier.
  • You can link your POS software to the Bookkeeping software to make sure no sales are being lost.
  • Employees can log their time straight into the software waiting for your approval.
  • Employees can get access to an app with all their employee information, no need to send and resend payslips.
  • Customised Invoices, Statements, Purchase Orders and Quotes so your business looks and feels professional.
  • But most importantly no more entering bank statements into the software literally saving you hours upon hours of time.

This is by no means the limit to the list of benefits of modern bookkeeping software.


So why change and update your bookkeeping package, why the hell not….It will give back some time, time you can be surfing, walking your dog, playing with your kids, drinking wine with the girls, whatever it is you wish you had more time doing.


But even more than giving you back time it will give you real time information. No more waiting until the end of month to get a bank statement to see how you went last month. The information is hear now today…. And that will give you control.


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